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Mentor Shows Video Proof Of $40,000 Being Generated In No 1 Up Cash Gifting

Here is a very inspirational video that I would like to share of my mentor proof video of $40,000 being generated in the awesome No 1 Up Cash Gifting Program! Take A look and please do your research! To succeed in any gifting program you must start with a great mentor who will train you properly and assist you at getting started the proper way. The program REALLY WORKS!
You've probably heard or read it dozens of times before, and you know what... IT'S TRUE! Cash gifting is, without a doubt, the easiest and quickest way to create wealth for you and your family. Our cash gifting program is the very first and only real no 1 up cash gifting activity. It's also private and requires all future participants to be personally invited by a current, active member in order to join. This is to ensure that the privacy and integrity of the activity and its participants are held with high regards. In addition, our no 1 up cash gifting program consists of four levels; $500, $1000, $2000 and $4000, and is equipped with an automated placement and tracking software system which places and keeps track of new participating members automatically; which is a very key component of a legitimate cash gifting program. headline_5 At registration, you'll have the option of joining one or more levels starting with $500. Your options are $500, $1500 ($500 + $1000), $3500 ($500 + $1000 + $2000) or $7500 ($500 + $1000 + $2000 + $4000). NOTE: Most people who join you in this no 1 up cash gifting activity will usually start with a pledge of $1500 or $3500, and they will send the cash directly to you. Let Me Explain How It Works Let's say you join and pledge $3500; with our no 1 up cash gifting program you're instantly in a position to receive on the $500, $1000 and $2000 levels. Now let's say you invite your first person and he or she decides to join and pledge $1500; he or she will send $1500, in cash, directly to you. Cash pledges will be sent directly to you from each and every person you invite who becomes a member of this incredible no up cash gifting program. It's that simple. And although there are no splits or 1 ups in this cash gifting program, there are still roll ups. For instance, we'll use the example above and say the first person you invited invites someone who joins at $3500. You will receive $2000 in cash because the first person you invited has only joined the $500 and $1000 levels and you have joined the same levels as well as the $2000. And don't worry, all of this is tracked automatically by the system. Another wonderful thing about our no 1 up cash gifting program is whenever anyone you invite wants to upgrade to a higher level, they will send you additional cash based on the amount of the upgraded level. So if your first person decides he or she wants to upgrade to the next level, he or she will send you another $4000. headline_6 Here's How You Get Started Today! For More Info Contact Gifting Cycle 508-257-1671

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Legitimate No 1 Up Cash Gifting Is Not Considered A Business Or Investment!

 By definition, Cash Gifting (also referred to as "Cash Leveraging") is the act of privately or publicly giving another person or entity a declared sum of cash (strictly as a gift) and giving it freely without coercion or consideration. It doesn't involve network marketing, multi-level marketing, or a business or commercial activity. There are no business transactions, investments and/or securities involved in this activity. There's no business or company name or location and there are no directors, officers, shareholders or principals. Individuals simply offer financial support to another. It’s called a cash gift because that’s exactly what it is a gift of cash.  
Consider that a legitimate gift has no strings attached and is not an "investment."
Avoid being misled into thinking a certain gifting club is legitimate because the ads say that members earn $5000 Daily. Be sure that you can at least reach the Mentor and not a robot or answering machine.
Be wary of success stories or testimonials of tremendous payoffs. Very few members of illegal gifting clubs or pyramid schemes ever receive any money. So therefore be sure to join a legal and legitimate gifting club.
Take your time. Don’t buckle under to a high-pressure sales pitch that requires you to join immediately or risk losing out on the opportunity. Remember, solid opportunities – and solid friendships – aren’t formed through nerve-wracking tactics. Gifting Cycle 508-257-1671

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If You Think SPN Today The Cash Tracking System Or No 1 Up Cash Gifting Is A Scam Then Simply Do Not Join

The Honest Most Updated Truth About Cash Gifting Scams
If you search the internet for any significant length of time under the query of, “cash gifting scams”, you will be prompted with about 2 or 3 forums discussing the topic, 5-6 videos of people giving their negative opinion of the activity, which usually consists of threats of arrest, and thousands upon thousands of articles, videos, and blog entries that take advantage of the, “scam”, keyword to bump up their visibility. Before coming to a clear conclusion about Cash Gifting I suggest every person interested in the activity to look through the few media discussing the possibility of Cash Gifting being a scam.
If you do your research you might come across a few news articles detailing how a particular gifting club was arrested for their pyramid gifting structure. The diversity of these schemes is astonishing yet the lives they have ruined resonates across the nation giving most Americans the unconscious impression that all online cash generation systems are frauds. Let me describe the varying groups that have been arrested for their pyramid-like Cash Gifting structures.
Promoters of these schemes take advantage of the natural human attraction towards communion and the modern day struggle of financial life in order for the few people at the top of the group, usually the originators of the scheme, to receive the awards while all the lower tier individuals are left with their pockets empty. It is rare for one of these gifting clubs to last for longer than a year and as the pyramid structure inevitably falls apart, which is one of the greatest indicators of a pyramid scheme, the money generated from the club cannot pay out the promised returns for the members that joined later. Along with the information discussed so far in this article I advise everyone to do their own research behind the pyramid scheme structure and why it devastates so many innocent people. Also look up Ponzi scheme, coined after the late Charles Ponzi, who in 1903 started one of the largest scams attracting 40,000 people to invest 15 million dollars in total. Profits were supposed to come from exchanging international postal reply coupons. He promised 50% interest (return) on investments in 45 days or “double your money” in 90 days. Only a third of that money was returned to them.
I advise everyone who wants to get into cash gifting to first become well educated on the different scams out there because at any moment you can become the victim of a scam. If by now you have not done a Google search to verify much of the information I have described in this article, I suggest you educate yourself and make an educated decision. However, as you search for, “Cash Gifting Scams”, also simply search for the term, “Cash Gifting”, also and see what you find. You will see thousands of articles written by people from every walk of life. You will see lawyers and real estate agents, construction workers and stay at home moms. You will see college students working with retired individuals to pass on their knowledge of the internet so that even a person starting off with no knowledge of online marketing can start out of the gate running.
The greatest difference between the , “gifting clubs,” that make the headlines, and the private activity participated in by thousands across the world is the simple truth that there is no pyramid to be found. The most popular cash gifting programs out there like mine (Better To Gift Program) have been around for more than 5 years with some having a history longer than a decade. If the Cash Gifting program you are joining follows the traditional 1-up system then you will quickly see that there are no oligarchs controlling the operation at the top while everyone below them suffers. There is no pyramid; there is only the simple act of giving from one person to another and after you find that one person to be your 1-up qualifier, which is given to your mentor, you are in the exact position as everyone in the entire world participating in this activity. You have no more obligations to anyone else besides yourself once you make that first crucial step. The power behind this system truly shines when you can be qualified within hours of first participating. And if not in hours then a few days of conscious effort will bring you to that point. Is it really a pyramid scheme if you can be equal to everyone who is participating in the activity in the entire world within hours? Only you can find that answer.
Gifting Cycle Foundation Center <— More Specific Website Information

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Being Extremely Successful In No 1 Up Cash Gifting Programs Is Simply Just Being Aware

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Does It Matter What Program You Join?

With all the Gifting programs out today and more seeming to pop up almost weekly. Plus the economical down slide were in. I think it's the perfect time to make people aware of the steps needed to succeed in cash gifting. Many people will tell you it's not the program that will make you a success it's how and where you market. The truth is it's BOTH!!! There is a program that was the hottest gifting program and took over the whole gifting industry. However that giant is starting to crumble. Why? Simple they made some really poor decisions in trying to make it bigger and better. In their efforts they added a residual based program within the original program. Creating confusion of having two different links to promote. Then they introduced what they called PIF (Pay It Forward) The idea behind this was that for every gift an individual received a set amount would be given to a random member in the community. At first this idea was welcomed by the members. I however knew it would be the beginning of the end for this giant program. Just a few short months after this. The problems started to be visible by many members. The random gifts were not being received simply because they were not even being sent. So that created concerns in the community. My point is it does matter what program you join. If its not user friendly and to confusing for the average starting person. They will become confused and frustrated. Not the intention either of you had in mind. Always research the program and make sure the whole process is very simple to understand and explain when asked. That is solely the reason I joined Better To Gift Program. The platform was the best I had ever seen. The average newbie could understand and explain how it worked in a matter of hours from joining. making them more comfortable knowing they knew how everything worked. The learning curve was short and sweet. No need to memorize the way 2 links work and how each was different.

The "Easy" Part Begins

Now that you understand that what program you join does have an effect on your success. Lets talk about whats needed after picking your program. The scary part for most MARKETING!!! Well by now you have your program a website and burning desire to start receiving cash! There only one thing missing TRAFFIC!!! Lets talk about the options you have to generate traffic or prospects which may turn into members. I will give you a few of the most used methods for both online marketing and offline. To give you an idea of whats needed to succeed in cash gifting.

Online Marketing

I'm going to reveal free and paid marketing methods for generating online traffic. Free ad website: salespider,craigslist,backpage,kijiji,Inetgiant,and thousands more. This is where most people with a small budget start. My honest opinion on this type of marketing. That would be this. It does work however it does NOT happen overnight. These free ad sites are saturated with millions of other ads. So don't expect anything right away. The other thing I want you to know this is very time consuming. You must post at least 10-20 minimum per day to even expect an interested prospect. There are options on most free ad sites to pay a small fee for a paid ad. That option will allow your ad to be seen more often then if it were just a free ad. The best way to market online free in my opinion YouTube,Metacafe,Daily Motions. Social Groups: Such as Cash Gifting Angels,facebook,twitter,tagged,Hi5 Just google social groups there's thousands. The idea here is to join these groups and create a profile. With a little about you and videos,pictures, or banners for your program. As well as adding friends. You can socialize and exchange comments with each other. It's a great way to share what you do with many people. Articles,Press Releases, Hubpages: This is exactly what your reading right now. Its simply a review or information you feel is worth sharing to others. They have the power to rank very high on search engines to bring even more traffic if done correctly. Solo ads: this is a way to email to a large list of people who want to receive emails through the company. The prices can vary greatly from $5 all the way to hundreds per ad. I have recently been using this service myself. It allows you to send 1 solo ad every 24 hours for one low price of $34.95 for a life long membership. I just starting using this service so I can't report on how well it's working for me quiet yet. These are just a few ways to drive traffic online. There are thousand more.

Offline methods

Here is a few offline methods you can use or expect to use in your cash gifting program. Phone Broadcasting: You can purchase leads and blast off a phone call informing them of where to go to get more information by sending them to your website. I'm gonna run through this list rather quickly to save time for you. Flyers,business cards,postcards,yard signs,magnets,hats,T-shirts with your website on the back. Great way to advertise while doing your everyday things. radio commercials, local and national newspaper ads, magazine ads, local and cable ads if your budget allows. These again are just a few of many methods to use to market your program.

Final Thoughts

As you can see yourself there's more to being a success than just joining and waiting to receive cash. If you don't put in the effort and time you will fail. However with that said. There are marketing coops available in certain programs. This is a great service to use as a newbie or if you have limited time. However I never advise anyone to use just this service. simply because some times of the year are better than others. Its a great way to start receiving gifts as your learning your program or setting up your marketing campaign. Cash gifting is a great activity. If your willing to put the time into it or put money into it for paid marketing. Nothing comes easy my friends or with no work of some kind. I know alot of websites claim its 100% automated. DON'T believe this. Anything that can create a large income requires work plain and simple. Thank you very much for your time today I hope I helped you in some way. If you'd like more information on Better To Gift No 1 up Cash Gifting Program please contact me anytime. Terry Brisco 508-257-1671

Year 2013 No 1 Up Cash Gifting Easy To Understand Structures

What is Cash Gifting 2012?

No 1 Up Cash Gifting is likely the range a single query individuals normally ask and for beneficial cause. Cash Gifting actions happen to be about for decades. The distinction will be the exposure the world wide web has provided to this remarkable activity. Whenever you mix that with all the horrible economic climate more than the final three many years and men and women trying to find a strategy to generate profits from household, what is Cash Gifting has exploded.

The difinition of “Cash Gifting” is an act of giving an individual, persons, or entity a sum of money as a gift not having twisting there arm or expecting something in returm. This can be a idea that continues to be embraced by churches and private groups because the 1990′s and continues to be going powerful.

What is Cash Gifting

is just not a company. There isn’t any organization name, no staff, managers, and so forth. Men and women come with each other as a group to help one another inside the private activity of Cash Gifting and enable to enhance lives. In todays planet, we require that much more than ever in advance of. What keeps the members with each other is often a laptop database/software that tracks all it is members to ensure that the Cash Giftinggroup stays appropriately structured and organized. That is crucial to become confident all gifting guidelines and suggestions are currently being followed.

What Is Cash Gifting is known as a “Cash Gift” due to the fact that may be what it definitely is…just a gift of cash. As you give or obtain a pledge of a Cash Gift it could amazingly alter a individuals life. Think it or not, Cash Gifting continues to be regarded among essentially the most preferred automobiles for monetary freedom and prosperity on the planet.

Though numerous folks have heard of What Is Cash Gifting, they do not truly get how it functions and what the legitimacy and legality of Cash Gifting as a viable, sincere way of producing a money flow from dwelling. A lot of people are skeptics nowadays since you will find numerous distinct hyped applications on the net about earning money from residence. Cash Gifting will not be hype although!

What Is Cash Gifting

is developed as a signifies of sharing wealth from particular person to particular person. Performed appropriately, this activity is perfectly in line with all the IRS Cash Gifting codes. All gifts are accompanied by a gifting statement that states the particular person is giving the cash gift of there very own no cost will and they weren’t coerced to accomplish so and using the understanding that they may be not gaining something in return. When something is obviously known as a “gift”, it can be not in trade for any item, beneficial, or service…provided that it can be underneath $13,000. This can be what the IRS refers to as a non-taxable occasion. Even so, you could normally call an IRS agent, tax accountant or lawyer and ask them straight about What is Cash Gifting.

Inside the USA we’ve specific proper that happen to be guaranteed us. These rights guard a citizens correct to provide away home and money so long as it is actually accomplished legally. It is possible to verify the IRS code to search out all of the Cash Gifting guidelines.

You’ll find lots of various Cash Gifting structures. The oldest staying the 1-up process. The technique was made purposely using the intention of possessing an individual break away immediately after they’ve offered their 1-up qualifier. This guarantees that there isn’t any pyramid structure and somebody commencing these days can really out execute a person who starte six months ago…no excess fat cats in the best from the What Is Cash Gifting plan!!

Terry Brisco


A Couple Of NEW No 1 Up Search Engine Optimization Tips & Well Kept Secrets 2012

Many people misunderstand the role SEO plays in their cash gifting programs online. SEO is a very small part of the process of marketing and generating cash with cash gifting from home online. It is very possible to generate $10,000 or more in a single week when all the aspects of cash gifting are properly done and followed through with!   One important SEO tip, always use your targeted key words in your title. For example, the title to this article. This is a very big factor in googles algorithms used to check and rank web pages in the google natural search. The natural search is awesome for results. People tend to skip the pay per click ads just like you do when you flip past that commercial on your favorite home based business network!   Even though this is kind of off the topic, you must never underestimate the response of properly done off line advertisements. Direct Mail and a Full Page ad that pulls in a home business magazine is a surefire way to explode your cash gifting experience and give your financial future a whole new look! Trust me I know!   The second tip is your anchor text. Always anchor text your URL with the target key words. Instead of always putting click here for cash gifting information, you would try cash gifting info the next one. Be as specific as possible with your anchor text when posting your links. The only issue is most of the social sites block your link from the search engine rankings.   That leaves me to the topic of my next cash gifting article online. Which sites are best to use for SEO and what are the best tactics. There is a whole different way to SEO out there. I will share what sites are best and fastest to SEO your cash gifting online information page. This is the real fast track to success for most of my cash gifting team members. The results of SEO and off line advertisements is a miracle in motion to peoples success in cash gifting programs on the internet. Taken to the extreme cash gifting can provide $100,000.00 dollars a month in tax free cash. Again, it has to be done and done right for that to happen. The third tip is DO NOT OVER DO IT! Less is more with cash gifting SEO. Do not post your url all over the first day you start working on optimization of your cash gifting website. Google can detect “deliberate” optimization techniques. You have to appear natural to google or you cash gifting website will get banned for LIFE from the search engine rankings! Be patient with your cash gifting adventure. It will not happen over night. Maybe inside a week but not over night. Never give up. Cash gifting is much easier than a real job. You get to make your own beautiful hours, have full control over your cash flow. You are able to travel and see the world, on your time and your pace. Again, never give up the cash gifting fight. There are so many people out there interested in getting cash gifts to give up! Do your SEO for any of the cash gifting programs and you will see results!   Terry Brisco 508-257-1671

No 1 Up Cash Gifting Programs Law Of Attraction 2012

Many people have been attracted to gifting since it has hit the internet. I mean who wouldn't want to receive months and months of job pay for just a few hours of work per week with private gifting. The excitement of receiving tons of cash daily had these people flocking to the internet for these cash gifting programs. Those who experienced success with them expressed good reviews, and the bashing of the programs came from those that failed.

The circulation of the good and bad reviews has spread even further because of the attention cash gifting programs have been gaining over the past few months. Former and current members that have seen success support the pros of gifting with their good reviews. They were able to experience life changing events for themselves, and help others do the same. The bad remarks, those that have created the cons, come from people that may have been scammed, and those who just do like the idea that gifting does not involve an exchange of service in order for you to have a substantial income. Hence, the pros and cons of cash gifting programs were created.

The pros and cons of cash gifting programs can go into more detail than the information given above. Below is a more in depth look at the two features.


1. Cash gifting programs can replace your job income fast because of the amount of cash you can receive at one time. Unless you are a lawyer or doctor an average Joe will not see $500 to $10,000 on a daily or weekly basis. So cash gifting would seem to be some sort of savior to the average citizen. Cash gifting programs at the least start at $500, so it is easy to see how living a life of abundance in a matter of 3-6 months is reachable.

2. Receiving thousands of dollars from gifting allows you to purchase assets. Some people think that assets are expensive items, such as cars, boats, planes or a home. These things are assets if they are purchased in full, and you charge others a fee for using them i.e. rental usage. An asset is simply something that continually earns you a residual profit. Cash gifting will put anyone in a position to purchase plenty of assets.

3. Gifting is the fastest way to make money from home. Other income opportunities, in particular MLM's, require way too much in order for you to not only be in profit, but to see income that will allow you to live the lifestyle of your dreams. There aren't any waiting long months to see 5 figure incomes with gifting. The proper marketing and gifting levels will put you at a high income earning potential.


1. There are scammers out there waiting to take your cash. If you do not perform proper research on cash gifting programs and the inviter, you can easily get scammed. Some gifting opportunities thrive off of people who are not knowledgeable about what it takes to become a leader in any money making program. Things such as being coachable, having great software in place with good tracking and good marketing skills are necessary to be successful with cash gifting. Those that are gullible, and are fascinated by the cars, big houses and money, are unaware of these necessities. They are simply being taken advantage of, and these are people who eventually get scammed.

2. People who are not a part of cash gifting, and people who got scammed tend to despise the activity. This initiates unnecessary controversy between successful participants, and the ones that bring the negativity. Although there should not be anyone left high and dry, there are inviters who do this to their sign ups. But this should not result in the bashing of cash gifting. Every member should know that joining a gifting activity does not guarantee a return or profit, but some still expect to receive money. All cash gifting members should make it their own responsibility to make sure that they receive proper training elsewhere if they are not receiving it from their inviter.

As you can see, cash gifting has a few pros and cons. The pros come from good experiences, and the cons are exposed because of people that join gifting for all the wrong reasons. Gifting should be about helping others, and should not, in any form or fashion, demonstrate inconsideration. Those that join gifting for its purpose, helping others, do so because they understand the logic of gifting. These pros and cons of cash gifting should allow you to make a decision on joining a program.

Terry Brisco